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Paltalk Messenger 8.3
by Paltalk

Make new friends with real people on Paltalk Messenger. This easy to use chat service hosts over 4,000 chat rooms. Chat rooms are organized by topic, ranging from romance to chess to foreign countries. Paltalk also offers instant messaging, file sharing, multi-party chat and more.

Paltalk Messenger is compatible with Yahoo!, ICQ and AOL contacts so you can manage all of your buddies through one service. Speak to them using live video or voice chat.

Paltalk Messenger is the place for endless video and voice chatting, but does not support video conferencing or pc-to-phone calling.

Paltalk lets you explore worlds of subjects and throngs of people within thousands of chat rooms. Serious chatters will enjoy the diversity and endless possibilities. However, for video conferencing and pc-to-phone calling capabilities see Windows Live Messenger.


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