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IChat AV
by Apple
iChat is the chatting service that comes exclusively with an Apple computer. iChat uses the latest H.264 video technology to bring you a sharp picture full of natural color. A unique 3D view for video chatting makes you feel as if you were sitting around a conference table with your buddies. You can also audio conference with up to ten people and sound-level meters will let you see as well as hear who is speaking. iChat AV also has instant messaging capability, emoticons, text effects, and more to make Apple a quality chatting experience.

Apple does not have pc-to-phone calling, chat rooms, or a customizable interface and runs only on Apple computers.

Of course, iChat is also a versatile instant text messaging application, supporting AIM and Jabber Instant Messenger clients. Icons and thought bubbles make it fun to see who’s saying what, and you can transmit any kind of file — from a web address to a photo — by simply dragging it into your chat. Pictures display right in the message window, web links open with a click. In short, iChat is still the best way to IM.