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The newest of all messengers is Google Talk. It is a messaging and voice program that does not have avatars, smilies annoying typing sounds, colorful or large chat text or anything I never liked about most messengers.

Google Talk provides you with a "friends" list based on your Gmail contacts or who you invite to use the program. If friends are online, you can message them or call them. If they are offline, you can email them through gmail.

Extra features are email notifications and message notifications, both showing up at the bottom right hand corner of your desktop. I really like having this program minimized so I can work on typing elsewhere while being able to read incoming messages. Another feature is the ability to change people's names on your friends list. someone007@ for example, can be changed simply to SOMEONE.

I think I first learnt about Google Talk the day it came out and was announced on ABS Forums by Milamber, but am not sure.

Since I never use my gmail account, trying to log onto this messenger, that required a gmail username and password was trouble. My account was locked (due to inactivity). Changing my password and trying again much later solved the issue.

I didn't have contacts, but Khad, the maker of Fredryk Phantasy agreed to help me test it out.

Overall, I am pleased with how useful this program is. Reminds me of discovering ICQ back when instant messaging was simply that, without the bells and whistles.

At the moment, this is not a multi-messenger program. It does not activate webcams or group chat rooms. It does the essential work. You have an available or custom status. You can see when someone is typing. Sometimes there are timestamps, and you can log messages.

As many people know I have given up on instant messaging. Perhaps this program can regain my interest in the technology.